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Eleanor Curtis has practiced yoga for over 30 years; she is a (former) master scuba diving instructor, a certified freediver, and endurance open water swimmer. She has taught dance and yoga over the years and brings a unique blend of techniques to her breathing practice.

Eleanor was inspired to share the goodness and benefits of breathing practice after regular study and intensive practice of breathing optimisation techniques taught by her freediving instructor, Emma Farrell. ‘Breathing optimisation’ is a method of breath work developed by Emma that has been used to teach Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes as well as competitive and recreational water sports enthusiasts such as freedivers and swimmers, as well as singers and musicians, and people with breathing difficulties.

In establishing The Breathing Practice, Eleanor has designed classes that are a blend of breathing optimisation techniques, pranayama breathing, breath control exercises and breath awareness meditation. The classes are designed to achieve optimal well being, a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and clarity of mind, in addition to increased awareness of breathing.  Some classes have more emphasis on meditation whilst others emphasise breath control.

Eleanor herself suffers from tinnitus. She found that practicing breathing exercises on a regular almost daily basis has reduced the severity of her tinnitus. There is no consensus amongst medical professionals with regard to the cause or treatment of tinnitus,  but Eleanor very much believes that her breath work is the reason for the reduction in her symptoms.

Education and experience: Eleanor worked internationally in the Middle East and Africa as a journalist and photographer for many years, and is the author of several books. Later into her career, she qualified as an English lawyer and has a Masters in International Law from SOAS, University of London. She studied classical and contemporary dance for many years and started practicing yoga in her early 20s, practicing both Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga with a variety of master yoga teachers at The Life Centre, London, and at yoga retreats in Thailand. She has been a teacher of both dance and yoga from time to time.  She remains physically active and continues to freedive, scuba dive, swim in open water and practice yoga. She also races triathlons.

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The Breathing Practice | About Eleanor Curtis
The Breathing Practice | About Eleanor Curtis