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Breathing Retreats in Austria

Hotel Miramonte
Hotel and Spa, Bad Gastein, Austria
21 – 28 September 2024

A breathing awareness retreat in the beautiful Austrian mountains combining daily breathing practice, hiking with breathwork, gentle yoga, and bedtime breathing for restorative sleep

led by Eleanor Curtis

(founder of The Breathing Practice, London, UK)

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What Our Guests Are Saying…

Attending The Breathing Practice breathing awareness retreat was a transformative experience. The combination of breathtaking scenery and expert guidance in mindful breathing techniques left me feeling rejuvenated and centered. I took many learnings away with me about how to breathe better and how to use breath work to manage every day stresses. Hotel Miramonte was the perfect place for the retreat – cozy, welcoming and with a great atmosphere, and situated perfectly in the valley. I would definitely recommend.

Daniel, CEO, Berlin.

Breathing Retreats to Restore and Refresh!

A 7 day breathing awareness retreat to restore and refresh your mind, your body and your spirit, set in the beautiful valley of Bad Gastein in Austria and led by London based Eleanor Curtis, founder of the Breathing Practice.

A 7 day retreat combining daily breathing practice, hiking with breathwork, gentle yoga, and bedtime breathing for restorative sleep.

Over 7 days we will enjoy daily morning breathing practice, gentle mountain hikes in the beautifully valleys with breathwork (weather dependent), gentle restorative yoga and meditative breathwork at the end of each day, and some breathing practice from the comfort of your bed for restorative sleep.

The retreat is spread across 7 days offered on a daily basis, as a package of 4 days or a package of 7 days. We want you to take the retreat at your own pace and have time to enjoy other actives in the mountains if you wish.

The retreats starts on Saturday 21 September at 9am with morning breathing practice and ends on Saturday 28 September with restorative yoga and meditative breathwork.

The retreat is hosted by Hotel Miramonte offering a wonderful backdrop of comfort, wellness and spa set in the beautiful valley of Bad Gastein. The Miramonte kitchen spoils us with regional, seasonal and organic breakfasts and 4 course dinners, with vegetarian and vegan options; and late riser brunch/ all day lunch options of soup, spreads, breads and cakes.

Between breathing classes and meditative yoga there is time for hiking, walking, picnic-ing in the mountains, spa, sauna, thermal baths or just relaxing on the sun terrace gazing across the stunning mountain backdrop.

Eleanor Curtis

Eleanor Curtis has practiced yoga for over 30 years; she is a former master scuba diving instructor, a certified freediver, and endurance open water swimmer. She has taught dance and yoga over the years and brings a unique blend of techniques to her breathing practice.

Eleanor was inspired to share the goodness and benefits of breathing practice after regular study and intensive practice of breathing optimisation techniques while training as a freediver over the last 10 years. In establishing The Breathing Practice, Eleanor has designed classes that are a blend of breathing optimisation techniques, pranayama breathing, breath control exercises and breath awareness meditation. The classes are designed to achieve optimal well being, a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and clarity of mind, in addition to increased awareness of breathing.  Some classes have more emphasis on meditation whilst others emphasise breath control.

Eleanor is based in London. She has worked internationally in the Middle East and Africa as a journalist and photographer for many years, and is the author of several books. Later into her career, she qualified as an English lawyer and has a Masters in International Law from SOAS, University of London. She studied classical and contemporary dance for many years and started practicing yoga in her early 20s, practicing both Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga with a variety of master yoga teachers at The Life Centre, London, and at yoga retreats in Thailand. She has been a teacher of both dance and yoga from time to time. She remains physically active and continues to freedive, scuba dive, swim in open water and practice yoga. She also races triathlons. To know more about Eleanor’s photography click here.

If you’d like to get in touch with Eleanor please email her at

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Getting there:

Airports: nearest airports are Salzburg and Munich
Train: trains to Bad Gastein from Salzburg (approx 90mins) from Munich (approx 3hrs)
Road: from Salzburg (80mins) from Munich (2hrs 45mins)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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